Employment Opportunities Provided

The Fishing Harbour providesdirect and indirect employment to about 30,000 Fishermen, Fish workers and people engaged in other ancillary activities.It is considered as one of the major industries of Paradeep port area. The statistics of the generated employment is as follows.

No. of Boat owners 759
No. of crew members 4212
Potters 600
Lady workers engaged in grading of fish/shrimp 2300
Fish venders 15500
Mechanics and lathe workers 250
Carpenters & labourers working in boat building yards 300
Persons working in 18 nos. of Ice godowns & 10 nos. of processing plants 2400
No. of families fully engaged in dry fish 500 Preparation activity.
Basket makers, packers & ice workers 300
No. of vehicles engaged in transport of marine products. 200

So, nearly 30,000 people are directly/indirectly getting opportunities of employment in the fishing trade promoted by this Harbour.