GB Meeting


The 5th Governing Body meeting of the Management Society, Fishing Harbour Paradeep, was held in the Administrative building of Fishing Harbour, Paradeep on 19.01.2015 at 3.30 pm under the Chairmanship of Sri Bishnupada Sethi, IAS, Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. of Odisha, Fisheries & ARD Department. The list of participants are enclosed in ANNEXURE-I.

At the outset of the meeting the Dist. Fisheries Officer, Jagatsinghpur, In-charge Addl. Fisheries Officer (Marine),Kujang-cum-Secretary, Management Society, Fishing Harbour(MSFH), Paradeep welcomed the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and other members of the Governing Body and briefed about the objectives of the formation of MSFH and the progress / achievement made so far.

Then the Chairman of the Management Society addressed the GB members and enlightened about the objectives of the Society. Intervening in the discussion, the Chairman-cum-Commissioner suggested to conduct the GB meeting at least twice in a year as per by-laws or even more in view of well functioning of the Society. With the due permission of the Chair the Secretary, Management Society initiated the agenda wise discussion which is as follows.


The proceedings of the 4th Governing Body meeting held on 10.04.2013 were confirmed since no objection or suggestion was received from any quarter.


Developmental work under NFDB grant: The Ex. Engineer, FED appraised the House about the progress of ongoing developmental works taken up in the Fishing Harbour under NFDB assistance. The Chairperson after visiting the site also expressed his pleasure over the progress and quality of the work taken up for renovation & up gradation of the Fishing Harbour.

Preparation of 2nd phase Estimate: The user members representing the GB expressed the need of a 2nd Auction Hall, separate power supply, water supply, lightening of Harbour areas, hygienic & availability of other essential facilities. The Chairperson and GB members felt its necessity to develop the scopes immediately. Some of the members pointed out that the Harbour was originally constructed having berthing capacity for operation of 350 mechanised vessels. But at present more than 650 mechanised vessels are operating from the base apart from about 400 motorised boats (Dingi & Teppa). This results over crowding of the Harbour basin area. Since no steps has been initiated till date for extension of jetty facilities they stress upon for construction of a separate jetty near the Fishing Harbour for the operation of the motorised boat. Realizing the above genuine problems and with a concept of clean and hygienic Harbour of international standard, the Chairperson instructed the EE, FED, Bhubaneswar who is looking after the works of FH & FLC of the department to prepare a comprehensive DPR integrating all the aspects within a time frame of 3 months. In order to expedite the works he suggested to engage private consultant having expertise in the above work. He further suggested to contact KERAL STATE COASTAL AREA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD. to explore the possibility of getting consultancy from that Organisation. The Vice-Chairman-cum-Director of Fisheries informed that the fund could be arranged from RIDF. The Chairperson appreciated the suggestion of the Vice-Chairman and assured the House to make his best effort at Govt. level.

Room for MPEDA: The room meant for MPEDA and SEAI (O) for functioning inside the Fishing Harbour without any cost was not approved by the House. However, it was advised to intimate again to MPEDA about their objectives and to pay the rent tariff of Rs. 2000/- per month.

Posting of a full time Manager: Considering the sphere of various activities entrusted for all round development of the Fishing Harbour, the President OMFPA suggested to the Chairman for posting of a full time Manager like Dhamara MSFH. This was agreed upon by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Survey work for dredging of Harbour basin and river mouth: The problem faced by the users for safe movement of their fishing vessels due to heavy siltation of Harbour basin and river mouth area was discussed in the meeting. Considering the genuineness of the problem the Chairperson asked the EE, FED to submit a proposal in this regard within 15 days of time.

Construction of Market Complex : Some members pointed out that while the Harbour was under the occupation of PPT most of the Gear Sheds, Net Mending Shed, Rest Sheds have been converted to Shopping Units which encourages trespassing and illegal activities inside the Harbour premises. In view of coastal security measures the Chairperson emphasized to combat such activities and accepted suggestion of the House for construction of a market complex inside the Harbour area having separate entrance and exist. Again he suggested the EE, FED to incorporate this component in the comprehensive DPR to be prepared for the purpose. Besides this the House also approved for repairing of the damaged boundary wall immediately under the ongoing repair and renovation work.

Re-allotment of Vacant units: As regards re allotment of the vacant units House Allotment Committee and the decision taken in the 9th EB was ratified in the GB to collect one time premium (Salami) from the Shopping Unit and to execute fresh agreement with the possessor having genuine sale deed instead of the old allotment made by the PPT. Besides, the GB decided to issue notice to the defaulter to deposit their pending demand dues with the Management society within a period of one month. Further the House resolved that all the illegal occupants should be evicted or their activities to be stopped by the Management.

Payment of outstanding dues of PPT pending with the various units of Fishing Harbour: On this matter it was decided for continuous persuasion for payment of the outstanding PPT dues laying over various units of Fishing Harbour.

Power Supply to the Harbour by PPT: A vivid discussion was made on this vital issue. The House felt the necessity of adequate power supply to different units of the Harbour. The Chairman opined to put up the matter in the higher forum at Govt. level to sort out the problem with PPT. However, he advised to include the matter in the DPR to be submitted by EE, FED and to obtain a afresh estimate from the CESU for considering underground cable power supply to the Harbour as an alternative arrangement.

Opening of ATM Counter & CCTV installation: The rent for ATM counter @ Rs. 7000/- per month along with electricity consumption charges was approved. The proposal for opening of a Bank branch or extension counter inside the Harbour premises was discussed and approved. Installation of CC camera at the main entrance gate will be systemised after completion of the modification / alternation of the main entrance gate under the ongoing NFDB work as raised by the President, OMFPA was accepted. Again the House accepts the other two gates which are also damaged out of the ongoing developmental work under NFDB.

Setting up of Pre Processing Plant: The necessity of a Pre Processing Plant inside the Harbour premises was discussed and the EE, FED was advised to incorporate this component in the comprehensive DPR.

Logo for Fishing Harbour Paradeep: - The DF (O) advised the Managing Director, FISHFED-cum-Joint Director (P & T) to prepare the logo for the MSFH, Paradeep in consultation with the agency engaged for Chilka Fresh.

Removal of sunken barge from jetty no. 4: The problem was discussed and the House decided to float open tender for this purpose. Prior to it the EE, FED was requested to fix up the offset price along with terms & conditions for the same.

Addition and alteration in existing Development Programme : The addition and alteration works made to the original project proposal taken up by the EE, FED under NFDB assistance was approved.

Fixation of Tariff of Diesel Outlets: Considering the loss of revenue with regard to the three nos. of diesel outlets working inside Fishing Harbour due to non-payment of ground rent, premium etc. to the MS by the oil companies, the Chairman advised to have a meeting with them with DF (O) and ADM, Paradeep for settlement of the same. The Secretary, MSFH was instructed to personally contact with all the 3 oil companies to fix up a date for the meeting as convenient.


Different shopping units, two Cooperative Society office building and Gear Shed are damaged and water percolating in those units during rainy season. So they are demanding for repair of their respective units and being reluctant to pay the rent to the MS. Similarly, due to damage condition of the connecting roads inside the Harbour for transportation of goods & fish catch etc. of the stake holders/ fishermen are facing a lot of problems. It was discussed and the EE, FED was requested to incorporate it for the DPR.


The matter was discussed in detail and the EE, FED is requested to prepare an estimate for the Bollards/ Steps in all the Jetties made for shelter of Boats inside the Harbour with SS and non eroded materials for necessary approval.


The Right Return of the main jetty was collapsed during last Phaillin in 2013 affecting continuous damage to the existing structure such as Canteen, Toilet & Auction Hall. It was informed the Chairman and Vice-Chairman that the fund amounting to Rs. 3.25 Crores has been placed with the FED to take up the work.


The PMPFP & MCS Ltd. has applied for allotment of a land measuring 100 ft x 100 ft for installation of a diesel outlet to be managed by them like other two societies are operating inside the Harbour. Demanding the same the members of the Society went on Dharana. It was vividly discussed in the meeting. During the course of discussion the committee came to know that one diesel outlet which was earlier managed by OPDC has been re allotted in the name of a private person by the concerned oil company. The Chairperson pointed out that since it is operating inside the fishing Harbour and the very objective of the outlet is to provide fuel to the boat owners for their fishing operation only and who have made three societies. ADM, Paradeep and Director of Fisheries were requested to convene a meeting with the concerned oil company and to take steps for cancellation of the same allotted to a private person and re allot in favour of the PMPFP & MCS Ltd. He also informed that it is essential in view of coastal security measures as well. If the negotiation with the oil company fails then the demand of the Society for allotment of land shall be taken into consideration.


In the 2nd GB decision was taken to include a member in the Governing Body of the MS from among each of the three Societies functioning inside the Fishing Harbour. Accordingly approval of two such members from UMPFP & MCS Ltd. and SMUBBPSS Ltd was made earlier. However, the PMPFP & MCS Ltd. have intimated the name of their representative as per their GB resolution. The matter was discussed and approved.


The matter has been discussed and proposed to develop a new fishing jetty adjacent to this Fishing Harbour shortly. Till construction of new jetty it is unanimously decided to continue the present practice of providing shelter them in the Fishing Harbour


The matter was discussed and decided to carry out the audit of the MS by an Chartered Accountant observing all financial formalities.


The matter was discussed and revision of tariffs was kept in abeyance till completion of the ongoing developmental works.


The matter was discussed and the House was pleased to enhance the wages of the workers engaged by the service provider in the Harbour for different type of jobs as follows.

Semi skilled - The workers engaged in ticket counters and water supply system (4 each) and 7 nos of Sweepers shall be categorised as semi-skilled @ 170/- per day without availing any offs. The rate is enhanced to Rs. 200/- per day.

Un-skilled -7 Nos. of workers engaged in entrance gate to check the tickets and trespassers shall be categorised as unskilled @ 150/- per day without availing any offs. The rate is enhanced to Rs. 180/- per day.

Again to maintain the clean and hygienic condition of the Harbour area the House approved to raise the number of sweepers from seven to ten.


The House resolves to purchase following items for day to day activities of the MS observing all financial formalities.

  • One Garbage lifting Trolley
  • One By-cycle
  • One Iron Chest
  • CC camera monitor


The details of Income and Expenditure of the Harbour from September, 2011 to 31st December, 2014 as shown in Annexure-II, II(A) & II(B) was placed before the House, discussed and approved. The Chairman expressed his pleasure over the savings of the Society amounting more than Rs. 1.00 Crore in its account.


During the span of time from 08.04.13 to 15.01.15 a tune of Rs. 1,24,25,149/- has been collected by the MS. After meeting the expenditure of Rs. 81,86,630/- the balance amount is in bank in shape of four Fixed Deposits of Rs. 15.00 lakh each and rest in SB account.

The expenditure of Rs 81,86,630/- incurred towards various purposes of management of Fishing Harbour during the above period shown in Annexure-III was placed before the House and approved.


  • The Chairman stressed upon organisation of training and awareness camps inside the Harbour premises to create awareness among boat owners, crew members, vendors, traders on sanitation, hygienic and quality control measures for the product.
  • To organise periodical training programme on various welfare schemes and programmes of Fisheries Deptt.
  • To shift the PFZ equipments to the renovated Auction Hall for wide publication.
  • To make wall paintings on various welfare schemes of Govt. of Odisha in the Harbour premises.
  • Drinking water facility: The MS should extent the drinking water facility to the crew members, vendors, traders and other public working in the Harbour premises. He advised to install a water purifier system for the purpose.
  • To cover all the crew members as well as people linked with fishing activities under Group Accident Insurance Scheme (GAIS).
  • To promote to tourism: Some members pointed that during the winter period tourist are visiting the nearby tourist spot making an entry inside the Fishing Harbour. So the Commissioner suggested to promote tourism by providing them some logistic support, which would generate more income of the MS.

The meeting was over with vote of thanks to the Chair and all the participants.